November 2015: Mariateresa Bazzaro


Commento studente
Hello to all of you! 
I am honoured to be the “student of the month” at WSE.
When Giulia and Ivana gave me the good news, I couldn’t believe it, but I was happy, too.
My experience at WSE has been really exciting: I am enjoying the great opportunity to learn and especially to open my mind to another language and to different ways of thinking.
At the beginning of the course I was motivated, but not sure about the goals that I would have reached at the end…I started with a “scholastic” level of English and had to overcome my shyness. Now I feel at ease speaking English! Now I am able to understand other people, to communicate, to express my feelings and thoughts and for me that is a great achievement, because at last it feels like I am a citizen of the world.
I decided to undertake this experience at WSE when I was pregnant with my second daughter: I thought that it would be the right moment to begin to study something I liked. It was the right choice. Despite the difficulty of balancing the needs of my children, my job between Trieste and Monfalcone, and time for studying, I am really satisfied and I believe that I will continue my educational path, adding another step. Because that is a great trait of WSI: the ability to transmit to the students the curiosity to see what can face you afterwards!
Thanks to all the people who work in the Institute.
To the manager and her ability to identify the best course for each student;
To the teachers – James, Nick and John, so different, but so special. They helped me to find inspiration and to be tenacious, supporting me with their pats on the back, jokes and, above all, with their knowledge and passion;
To the “girls” Giulia, Ivana and Irena…nice, nice, nice with their comforting smiles.
…And to other students with whom I have shared encounters and conversations.

Commento Service Manager
Not only is Mariateresa an enthusiastic and eager student, but she’s also great at balancing her personal life and her time with us. Possessing a very wide range of vocabulary, she’s definitely one of our most “creative” students. J This is why we can simply say that she always gives us 110%!!!