LO STUDENTE DEL MESE DI FEBBRAIO 2016 nel centro Wall Street di Udine e’ ELISA DUSSO.

Commento studente:

My name is Elisa Dusso and I’ve been attending the English course here at WSE for 5 months. I’ve not finished yet; in 1 or 2 months I plan to have finished the level Threshold 3 and the preparation for the IELTS. Indeed, I decided to take English classes because I need to get a high score in the IELTS to apply for a Master abroad. At first I was worried because I was aware that I would have only few months to prepare for the exam. I’ve studied English since I was a child but only at school and in the last years at university I neither studied nor practiced it.  Then I needed to resume my knowledge of the language and to improve it. When I came to WSE and talked to the director I immediately understood that it was the right place for me and after months I’ve never changed my mind! They’ve offered me exactly what I was looking for; I’m able to study and go on with the lessons at my pace and the “girls” together with the teachers are fantastic! They are always so kind and helpful. It’s great to have native teachers from different countries and I’ve really appreciated their way of teaching during the encounters and the conversations: never ordinary, never boring, always interesting, helpful and often also funny! I never thought that English lessons could be so wonderful! I really wish to thank you all for helping me in these months, for your kindness and competence. I’m really honoured to have been selected as student of the month. And I strongly suggest you all to come to WSE, it will be a great experience!

Commento service manager:

We have chosen Elisa as Student of the Month because she is an enthusiastic and eager student. She has reached excellent results, also because she strongly believes in the WSE method, which she has followed with enthusiasm since she started her experience with us.  We are confident that she will pass the IETLTS exam with top marks.
Thank you Elisa for your kind words, and for the beautifully expressed comment! Your English is VERY good indeed!